The name on the door.

Leo Burnett “When to take my name off the door” from Lobo on Vimeo.

{2.8} Hump Day

Yup, the above photo has been everywhere, but it still makes me smile.
The holidays are long over but I still like this Madewell interactive ad.
ONE MONTH until SXSW invades Austin, I wasn’t too excited until I discovered this survival guide created by GSD&M (bonus points for using pinterest).
This proves @SI_Now had a few Budlight Platinums during the Super Bowl.
ESPN, getting social media right.
Last but not least, the reason I will always consider Mizzou and Harpos Bar and Grille home. Reaction to MU’s win over KU –  this is pure happiness.

Champ-agne. Say it with me.

{12.21} Hump Day

Listen to Grandma, she’s much wiser than you think.
This is how beer should be bought.
For all my newly employed friends, this article is for you and your first office holiday party. May it be merry and only mildly awkward.
These guys can dance, well at least better than the average calendar.
Imagine this is the “free hugs” guy from your college campus grown up and with a video camera and internet connection.

A bit of color.

Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

The disenchanted traveler rants.

Dear ABC executives,

I love to travel. Let me clarify… I love to travel by airplane.

I love airports, layovers, and the Admiral’s Club. I love quick meals from some kiosk in terminal D and sodas from the clunky beverage cart. I love overpriced magazines charged at the watered-down version of Barnes and Noble and reading the Safety Cards placed in the back-pocket of every plane seat. I even don’t hate standing in security check-point lines (noticed I said “don’t hate” – that’s a far cry from love). I know, I know… I’m the perfect traveler.

But lately, I’ve started to let disappointment creep into my travel experience. And I blame you.  Continue reading

A manifesto in video.

Well I feel the need to go do a good deed, explore Europe, invent the next big thing or save a life now. How about you? Thank you to Holstee for making your print manifesto come to life.